For your convenience, our most commonly asked questions are answered right here!

How safe is this?

Safety is the only thing that is more important to us than making sure you have a great time. We give hundreds of flights each year and your pilot is a FAA-certified commercial pilot with tens of thousands of hours of experience. We make safety our number one priority and maintain a perfect flying safety record. Also, all of our aircraft are maintained to meet the highest FAA maintenance standards.

Should I tip the pilot?

While it’s not required (but certainly always appreciated), many of our customers are so thrilled by their flight, they just can’t resist a small contribution (often 15-20%) to their pilot’s favorite charity: his airplane maintenance fund!

Can friends or relatives watch the flight?

Absolutely!  Anyone attending will be able to view the aircraft taking off and landing as well as some of the flying.  There will be photo opportunities before and after the flight with the aircraft.  We also do the aerobatics (an optional add on) in an area that can be seen from the airfield (feel free to bring binoculars for an amazing view of this).  We want everyone to enjoy the day and the experience and have a great time!

Is there an age limit? Can you take children?

Children love our tours!  We can accommodate children typically ages 4 and up.  We have seat cushions available to get them boosted up plenty high enough to enjoy all of the sights.  We also have taken many passengers in their 90s+ that find the tours to be an experience of a lifetime.

Is there a weight or a size limit for passengers?

Yes.  It is not necessarily a weight limit, as much as it is about being comfortable for your flight.  Most passengers under 350lb total combined weight are able to have an enjoyable flight experience.

Can I bring a camera or a video recorder on the flight?

Yes! Just be sure to not reach out into the wind with it, and keep a good grip on it at all times.  It is best to use a wrist or neck strap if you are planning to take photos or video while on your flight.

What is the ‘Add a Thrill’ option?

To “Add a Thrill” means adding aerobatics to the end of your guided tour.  We can add this to any one of our tours.  Aerobatics are the maneuvers that you might see an aircraft do at an air show, also known as tricks or stunts.  They are so much fun! We will not just take you up and start flipping you over and upside down.  The maneuvers are done with increasing intensity depending on each person’s input and desires. The pilot will talk you through it.  Once you get comfortable with this new experience we can pick up the pace.  It is difficult to adequately describe what aerobatics feel like, but here are a few points worth noting:
• It is very smooth and graceful, not jerky like a roller coaster
• Also, unlike a roller coaster, the maneuvers actually pull you into the airplane instead of making you feel like you could fall out
• The open cockpit keeps people from getting sick 99% of the time and most of the passengers who take an aerobatic flight say it was better than they expected.
• It is known as one of the greatest thrills of a lifetime!

How many people can go up at a time?

We only fly WACOs which have a larger front cockpit than most bi-planes, allowing us to take up to two passengers at a time.  All of our prices are based on the ride, not the passengers, so the prices are the same whether we are taking up 1 or 2 guests.

Where do we go when we get to the airfield?

The bi-plane stand is located to the right of the restaurant.

When should I arrive for my flight?

We would like you at the airfield 15 minutes prior to your flight time.  Many times flights are booked back to back and the schedule is tight, so we appreciate you being on time.

What should I wear for the flight?

During the summer months a short sleeve shirt is comfortable, but on colder days it is best to wear a jacket to be comfortable.  We always have sweatshirts on hand for you to borrow if needed.   Comfortable shoes are ideal, making climbing in and out much easier.  You will be given a cloth helmet with headphones to wear during the flight so we ask that sunglasses and hats be left behind.

Can I wear my prescription glasses? How about sunglasses?

You will want to leave your sunglasses behind.  All of our passengers are given tinted goggles to wear.  If you have prescription glasses, we ask that you wear NON-tinted lenses.  You will be able to wear the goggles right over your glasses.

What are your hours of operation?

From mid-May to mid-October we fly 7 days a week from 8am to about 6pm (often later in the heart of the summer).

Are the prices per tour or per person?

All of our prices are based on the ride, not the passengers, so the prices are the same whether we are taking up 1 or 2 guests.

Not finding what you want? Call or email us at (598)627-7677 or biplanemv@gmail.com